Highest Organizational Standards

As a gamedev creative house, we strive to turn our dreams into entertainment marvels. To achieve this, we excel at both operational and strategic planning. This enables us to mitigate many avoidable road bumps in production and to firmly stick to a zero crunch policy.

Continuous Improvement

We seek to question everything, no matter how standard the solution may seem. Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is the most efficient way to grow, and our constant effort to improve our processes not only yields better results... but more fun in the bargain.

Modern Workplace Culture

Our office does not have core hours. Remote work and highly personalized work schedules keep our internal team small and empowered, allowing us to exercise collective design while avoiding communication breakdowns and narrow specializations.

Positive Attitude

We always try to see the future in bright colors. Optimism is our primary weapon against the difficulties inherent to developing an original and innovative video game.